A Quiet Drink Alone

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It was a quiet Saturday night as he sat there at the hotel bar slowly drinking his Jack Daniels and Coke. Enjoying the relaxing, laid back music, that was being gently piped into the room. Just loud enough for you to hear but you could still have a conversation if you wanted to. He would often take some time out and enjoy the peace and quiet with a quiet drink.

The bar in the hotel always seemed to be quiet; a few people dotted about either relaxing just like him or small groups chatting away. It was typical wine bar design inside. The bare brick wall behind the bar, shelves of wine stacked up against it. The bar stools and tables all made with a rustic wood feel. All that with the dim lighting really set the tone for a relaxing night.

Sitting at the bar he glanced around, not really paying much attention to anything but taking in his surroundings at the same time, just enjoying the atmosphere of the room. He looked over in one direction and he could see another man, he was tapping away on his phone and looked like he was trying to get some last minute emails sent. He looked like he might be traveling with work and trying to grab some quick R&R before catching a flight. He didn’t care, but he couldn’t help but make observations about others in the bar.

Over on another table it looked like 2 couples having a little giggle. The type, that looked like they were only there because it was the cool place to be. Wearing fashionable clothes and holding the latest most expensive cocktails on the menu. They weren’t doing anyone any harm and were keeping themselves to themselves but it is funny what you notice when you take a few minutes to take in your surroundings. How you let your mind wonder and come up with silly judgements that you don’t even care about.

As he continued to scan around the room he noticed a woman, wearing a red dress sitting one of the back rests. Something seemed odd about her. She looked like she was dressed for a night out with the girls or belonged in a crowd of friends. She didn’t look like she was waiting for a partner either. She was sat scrolling through Facebook on her phone, while slowly sipping at her drink. She’d been in the bar a while and wasn’t clock watching or checking the exits so it didn’t seem like she was waiting for a date to come join her. If he had to guess, she was doing the exact same as him and enjoying a quiet drink but she looked way over dressed for that.

He continued to glance over like his mind was trying to figure out a complicated puzzle when she went to take another sip from her glass which was now empty. She took her eyes off the phone she’d been fiddling with and looked at the glass, like she was sure she should have more in there. She looked over to the bar where she noticed him staring over at her. He was a little caught off guard, he hadn’t realised that his casual glances had turned into a stare and all he could do was muster a little smile. She had a cheeky giggle that only just visible holding it back, she knew she had caught him and thought it was a little funny.

She stood up and headed over to the bar with her empty glass in hand. He couldn’t help but notice her stunning figure. Her dress hugged her slim curvy figure and revealing a little cleavage. Now her legs weren’t hidden by the table he could see her dark nylon tights from her knees down to her shoes.

Stood at the bar he could feel her eyes on him so he looked over to where the mysterious, sexy woman was stood and showed her a cheeky smile, as if to say “sorry for staring”. She returned the smile but nervously broke their eye contact looking down at the bar and fiddling with the strap on her little black handbag. Maybe she was nervous or he’d creeped her out. Either way, other than an exchange of looks highlighting their amusement she clearly didn’t want the attention. That was fine with him; he was a married man so he diverted his attention to other people in the bar and continued to enjoy his drink and not cause the woman who’d caught his eye any more discomfort.

Around twenty minutes later a man came into the bar. He was alone, quite nicely dressed and had an air of confidence about him. Dressed in a black, full length, coat. Good looking, with a clean shaven face. He ordered his drink at the bar in a confident voice, taking the next few minutes to take in his surroundings when the lady in the red dress took his eye. It didn’t take long for her to realise that she had grabbed the attention of the confident young man standing at the bar and was exchanging smiles, just like she had done with the man sitting at the bar earlier.

The man watched as the new man that had just entered the bar, headed over to the seemly shy woman, asking if she would like him to join her. They were a little out of earshot but as he took a seat opposite her he assumed that she had accepted his request for company.

He continued to sit at the bar, slowly sipping his drinks and re-filling them as they became empty. He was fascinated with the couple as they slowly started to make conversation. She still looked a little nervous and shy but the more they talked he could see her confidence coming out. He couldn’t hear what they were saying but the body language gave it all away. She was no longer clutching her bag and fiddling with her phone. Their eyes were locked, smiling and laughing as the conversation flowed. It wasn’t long before they looked like a couple that had known each other for a while.

The night continued, people coming and going at various stages of their night out. He stayed at the bar, feeling a little tipsy now and making silly observations to himself about the people he saw. The couple that had just met started to take his eye again as it looked like they were going to move on. They both stood up gathering their belongings together before heading towards the exit. As they passed the woman gave an embarrassed, but cheeky look to the man sitting at the bar, like he knew her little secret. The couple didn’t head towards the exit though, they went to the elevators, and they must have been heading to one of the rooms in the hotel.

The man, still sitting at the bar was amazed at what a little confidence could do for you. He had always been a little shy around the women and though, that ‘chatting up’ women always came across a little cheesy and never really worked for him. He could think what he liked though, because he’d seen the effect a little confidence could have. A woman, that appeared to be very shy and maybe even a little embarrassed about the attention she was getting, was now on her way up to a hotel room with what seemed like a complete stranger.

An hour or so had passed and the man sitting at the bar had enjoyed his ‘me time’ and was recharged and ready to go. He did like his alone time when he wanted to recharge but now, he wanted some company. As he took the last swig of his drink, his phone vibrated in his pocket. It was his wife asking if he was going to join her in the room. Perfect timing he thought. He paid the bill and headed over to the elevators.

He pressed the button and waited for one of the doors to open. His wife sounded like she was in a playful mood and he was more than willing to find out what she had on her mind. The lift doors opened and he felt a little amused as the man from earlier walked out of the lift. His clothes looked a little scuffed up and was looking more than a little bit pleased  with himself. As he got into the lift, he thought about the naughty woman that had randomly picked a guy to take back to her room. He was on is way out now so he thought he mustn’t have been staying at the hotel.

Arriving at the door where he and his wife were staying for the night and swiped the electronic key card for the room. The door unlocked and began to open. He pushed the door and as it swung open he could see down the little walkway to the main part of the room where the king size bed resided. His wife wasn’t in view but he could see her little black handbag on the floor. It looked like it had been thrown there, lying on the floor, the strap all tangled with the main compartment opened. Slowly walking towards the bedroom, his wife came into view.

She was laid on the bed, the top of her sexy red dress, pulled down to her stomach, her bra thrown on the bedside and her breasts on show. The bottom of her dress pushed up to her waist, providing an amazing view of her legs in sexy dark stocking connected with little straps to her suspender belt. His eyes, slowly creeping up her body where they found her sexy black panties, pushed to one side revealing her wide, clean shaven pussy, leaking seaman, trailing down her arse and ending in a small wet patch on the bed. His eyes continued to work their way up her clearly just fucked body until he was greeted by a naughty smile and a look of pure satisfaction on her face.

“That was crazy,” she purred in a teasing voice.

“We need to do that again”

A short pause took place as they stared at each other, both with an excited expression on their faces.

“Do you like what you see?”

Now extremely horny, his cock hard in his pants, all he could do was nod in approval at what his naughty wife had done.

“Show me” she teased as she pushed her knickers to one side.

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