The Idea

We started this site to give a little insight into the lives of swingers and hopefully would help any new couples that are thinking of getting into the lifestyle.

One thing we found is that it isn’t always as straight forward as it made out to be. Emotions, thoughts and feelings are always going to be a factor and we thought that by having a truthful take on the lifestyle might help others.

The ‘Our Story’ section is dedicated to our true story and starts around 8 years ago. If you’re thinking of getting into the lifestyle or just like a naughty read you might enjoy a sneak peek into the True Life of Swingers.

We want to create a swinging community where newbies and veterans can share their experiences and advise each other. We love it when we get feedback on our posts but we also enjoy helping people who are beginning their journey. If we post about something, be it real or fantasy and it’s similar to an experience or problem you’re having let us know and let’s get the discussions flowing. Most people don’t have friends that they can go over their secret lifestyle with so feel free to talk to us.

We have a few ideas that we’re currently working on to try and build a great community of swingers and we will keep you posted here.

We really hope you enjoy reading our content.

Mr & Mrs


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