Mrs and the Masseuse

It had been a rough week for Jade. Her husband had been working away and didn’t get back while late last night. She didn’t feel very confident driving long distances so he had taken the car and parked it at the airport for the week. This wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem as they only lived in a small town but having to drag the kids everywhere on foot really had taken its toll on her.

The day before she had been on the phone to her husband telling him how much she’d missed him and how well the kids had behaved all things considered. What started as call to catch up with her husband soon turned into a bit of a rant.

“I had to walk to the shops, practically dragging the kids. All they wanted to do was play on the computer” she complained.

“Then they sloped around the supermarket asking for absolutely anything that they could see!”

“The worst part was on the way home! Would they help me carry anything? No! The whole thing that normally takes an hour took 2 and a half hours!” she finished with a slightly relieved tone knowing it would all be coming to and soon.

Sympathising with her he suggested that she took herself out and treat herself. He insisted that she’d had a long hard week and that she needed a little chill time. Knowing that he would want a lie in after working away for a week and that the kids never wanted to get up anyway she decided to book herself in for a massage the morning after he returned.

It was a fresh sunny morning in the Spanish seaside town that they lived in. Pleasant enough to walk around in, but still early enough in the day not to feel sweltered by the Spanish sun. She parked the car on the high street just a short walk from the salon and decided to have a stroll past the shops, stopping to have a glance in the clothes shops she couldn’t normally get the husband or kids to entertain.

In one of her favourite clothes shops the found a cute little cream Skater Dress. She took the dress over the full length mirror in the shop and held it up against her body. The light colour of the dress made her tan stand out making her skin look golden brown. The contrast against her dark brown shoulder length hair made her feel good. She felt like the dress was making her best features stand out giving her a warn sense of confidence. She took the dress to the changing room and this only made her fall in love with it more. The dress hugged her figure showing off her curves that she was normally a little insecure about but she felt great looking at herself. It cupped her breasts making them stand out a little more than they would normally; it didn’t make them appear bigger but made them more noticeable. She knew hubby would approve, after a week apart, knowing what his reaction would be seeing her in it and what that would lead to. After all, she’d been a week without anyattention and she was in need of some naughty fun too.            Realising the time she changed back into her normal clothes, paid for the dress and headed towards the salon for her massage.

She was greeted at the desk by a slim blond woman.

“Ah, you’re just in time. Go into the room and get undressed. Lay face down on the table and let me know when you’re ready. You’ll need to remove your bra so I can massage your back and some like to take off their knickers too for the lower back. That’s entirely up to you though, I can work around them.”

This was the first time she’d been for a real massage and it took her by surprise when she was being told to fully undress. The little massages that she’d had in the past were for neck and shoulders, usually on holiday and cold be done while wearing a swim suit.

She got undressed but decided to leave her knickers on. She was a little insecure about getting completely naked for a stranger in the back of a shop on the high street. She placed her folded up clothes on the side and laid face down on the massage table had she been instructed. It had bright white face cradle where she placed her head.

She shouted through to the woman, “I’m ready when you are.”

“Great, I’ll be through in a sec”

The woman came into the room and headed over to the neat display of massage oils, candles and other massage products. The room started to fill with relaxing music. She didn’t recognise the music but it sure helped her get in the relaxing mood. She selected random products and brought them over to the little stand at the side of the bed where Jade lay half naked.

“OK,” she said in a relaxed voice.

She’d changed her tone from the bubbly receptionist to suit the mood of a relaxation therapy session. At this point she was starting to get comfortable and was looking forward to an hour or nothing but relaxing. She wasn’t in the mood for idle chit-chat with a bubbly woman telling her all about her life.

“Sorry, I don’t think I introduced myself. My name is Anne.” she said softly as her hands started rub her neck. “Don’t feel like you have to chat, if you just want to enjoy in silence that’s fine.”

Jade acknowledged her my moving her head slightly which was partly restrained by the face cradle. Anne’s’ hands were in full motion, gently but firmly massaging the bottom of her neck. Jade was beginning to feel the tension being removed and forget about her surroundings. Lying there on the bed with her eyes closed, letting her mind start to wonder. She could feel the pressure being removed from her body as Anne’s hand moved lower down to her shoulder blades. This felt particularly nice as they had been aching a bit from carrying shopping.

Her body was in such a relaxed state now she was barely taking in anything around her. The music faded into the background and her mind began to run wild with naughty thoughts about what her husband was going to do to her when he got the chance. Her new dress which she knew he would love all relaxed and pampered, not to mention he had been away for a week. She also knew he knew her too well and he would know that she was gagging for it just as much as he was. Her thoughts were getting dirtier, thinking of his hands all over her. She could begin to feel herself getting wet down below and for a few moments just enjoyed the moments of bliss. Her head full of thoughts about her husband’s hands all over combined with the hands of Anne rubbing her down her oiled body and the relaxing music in the background.

Suddenly, Jade snapped out of her little trance and realised where she was. She’d been that caught up in her naughty little day dream she hadn’t even realised that Anne had moved onto her lower back. She wasn’t sure if it was because of her previous filthy mind but she could swear that her hands were edging lower towards her bum, occasionally her fingers sliding under her ‘Hipster’ style lacy green knickers. This wasn’t helping with the current situation going on between her legs. She’s always had a naughty little fantasy about playing with a woman. Something about it just got her juices flowing. She knew she was getting a little ahead of herself but she was already worked into a little state and she sure was enjoying it so she just allowed her mind to wonder a little smiling on the inside and she imagined what Anne’s reaction would be if she knew what she was thinking.

After what seemed like forever of continued teasing she was sure now that it wasn’t just in her head. Not only did Anne continue to slip her hand under her knickers, it was getting more frequent and more daring, to the point on a couple of occasions she’d had a blatant squeeze of her bum cheeks. Her pussy was in need for some attention now and she was feeling a little naughty. Anne was standing at her lower section continuing to massage and Jades hand was just about level with her legs. She gently moved her hand a few inches across the bed towards the naughty masseuse and gently began to stoke her leg with the tips of her fingers.

After a few stokes, Jades suspicions were confirmed as her hands immediately changed position from Jades back to both hands firmly massaging her bum. Jade let out an uncontrollable moan of pleasure as Anne’s hands had moved now and began massaging her upper, inner thighs with the edge of her fingers occasionally brushing against her outer pussy lips. Completely taken in the moment, she let out a faint whisper.

“You can remove those knickers if they’re getting in the way.”

Without any hesitation or any reply she began to peel back her knickers and sliding them down her legs until they fell off her feet at the bottom of the bed. Making her way back up she gently teased with her fingers as she walked back up the bed to where she was previously stood. It was like she had given her the ‘all clear’. Her hands were now massaging the inside of Jades thighs. The almost accidental brushes against her pussy lips as she massaged had now turned into deliberate strokes that were parting her lips with the momentum. Jade was enjoying every second letting her imagination run wild getting wetter and wetter as he most sensitive and intimate parts were massaged.

Anne, repositioning her hand, was no longer massaging Jades upper thighs. She had placed her hand over her pussy and was gently cupping her, rubbing her clitoris with four fingers. This was sending Jade over the edge. She could feel the warm, moist juices being spread around her clean shaven pussy. Like it wasn’t obvious already, there was no hiding how much she was enjoying it anyone. Anne knew full well that Jade was enjoying the naughty massage and knew she was hitting the spot just right. Jade was still trying to find a position for her hand so that she could cop a feel of the teasing masseuse but a combination of the position she was laid and the position Anne was stood was making it difficult. Anne, realising what she was trying to do, spoke with a soft tone, “Just relax and enjoy your massage, if you really want to you can return the favour another time.”

With that, Jade just relaxed her hand and the just enjoyed the pleasure that Anne was giving her. Speeding up her pace, Anne was rubbing her pussy faster and Jade was struggling to hold on. She could hear her horny juices below as Anne’s hand moved from side to side, faster and faster, gradually applying more pressure as she teased her horny pussy.

Jade let out a moan of pure pleasure as her pussy began to throb hard. Over a week with no sexual attention had built up desperation for an orgasm. All the air in her lungs had been exhaled as her entire body began to twitch while waves of pleasure take over her body. A tsunami of orgasmic euphoria escaped from the epicentre of her pussy and outward making sure every inch of her body was left satisfied.

After calming down, Jade cleaned herself up and started to get dresses smiling at the woman that had given such a hard orgasm.

“Thank you,” said Jade with a cheeky tone to her voice.

“I would love to return the favour some time.”

Anne smiled with a slight look of excitement, “Give me a call and we can book that in – I’m fully booked so I can’t fit you in today.”

Words had faded into a series of cheeky looks as the girls exchanged cash and receipts. The moment had got a little awkward now as the women came down from their highs. Just as Jade was leaving the shop, she paused, turned round and took one last look as the naughty masseuse. Checking her out in the little white outfit she was wearing before leaving the shop and thinking of how much she was going to enjoy returning that favour.

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