The Cheating Hotwife


After a long day and a couple of drinks with friends, we were laid in bed teasing each other about people we found hot at the get together.

We were an open couple that would regularly play with others in the bedroom. We had been Swinging for years and continued to push the boundaries getting braver and more adventurous with every meet.

My sexy wife lay next to me in nothing but her sexy matching Bra and Knickers. I had already undressed and was enjoying her stroking my cock as I gently caress her breasts with my hand.  She was teasing me about a guy that she thought was hot and that she was pretty sure he was trying to come on to her. I teased back saying if she thought he was hot and he was up for some fun she should have gone for it and she could have been telling me all about it right now.

Our latest fantasy was playing the cheating hotwife. I’d given her permission to have fun whenever she wanted with whoever she liked. The only problem was that Sofia wasn’t that kind of girl and I knew it. Playing together as a couple was one thing, but she said she would feel guilty if she did something behind my back.

Sofia continued to stroke my cock. I could tell she was a little tipsy because she was teasing more than ever and asking questions that she would normally shy off from. I loved it, it was my number one fetish at this time and all I could do was lap it up. I could feel myself getting harder every time the conversation escalated.

“You really do get off this don’t you?” she purred

“God yes!” I moaned back in excitement.

“You really do wish that I had cheated on you don’t you?” as she continued stroking my cock.

“I can’t believe that some of our friends are breaking up because one of them cheated and I am here wishing you had so you could tell me a naughty story! I can’t believe I managed to pick the one woman that has never had a naughty urge”

I wasn’t playing either, I loved the idea of my naughty wife having an urge and just talking care of it. As long as it was just a fuck and for fun the whole idea turned me on.

She took a fairly deep sigh and looked me in the eyes. Her mood seemed to change a little but it was probably because we were on that topic again. When we had brought this up in the past she would tease for so long and then shut the conversation down. I think she took it personally because no matter how much I wanted it, there was no way she could turn back time and do something to give me that naught story I wanted. I would usually drop it too because I didn’t want her to go fuck someone just for me. The whole point was that someone took her fancy and just got what she wanted.

“Well, you have been talking about this for months now and I can see the effect it has on you. I really hope you’re serious and won’t get mad” she half whispered to me.

My heart started to pound. I could tell by her voice that she was being serious and this wasn’t just a bit of teasing to get me off. Just once sentence and my adrenaline was rushing, my heart  felt like it was going to burst from my chest, the jealousy was insane and my cock felt like it would explode if it was hit by a light breeze. The widest range of feelings I have ever experience and I was enjoying every moment.

“You sound serious, tell me everything” I whispered back.

“Well… You remember Matt who I used to work with? He was my fuck buddy! “

“As you know I used to go round a lot so the kids could have play dates and when they started going to school I used to go round for coffee.”

“The very first time happened because we’d had a fight and weren’t really talking. About the same time he and his Mrs were having similar issues”

“We were joking about how it wasn’t that serious and everything would be ok but the worst thing was the lack of sex”

All I could do was lay there listening to her every word in a helpless mess of raging horniness. I was fully aware that the guy she was talking about was long before any talks of the cheating fantasy but that just made it even naughtier.

“The tone lowered from there and I suggested that we could take care of that right there and then”

“At first he was reluctant because like me, we didn’t want to split from our partners, we just needed to get off, but he soon changed his mind when I leant over the kitchen worktop and lifted my dress.”

I didn’t know how to feel as she continued. Matt new us both so it’s not like he didn’t know he could be potentially breaking a relationship but on the other hand it was my wife making all the moves.

“As soon as I had lifted my dress he jumped behind me like it had been years since he last has sex with anyone, he pulled my knickers down as far as my knees and fucked me right there and then over his worktop.

“The whole thing can have only lasted about 10 minutes but we both cum and felt relieved for it too”

I could see in her face at this point that she was enjoying reminiscing about that naughty day and that just made it more of a turn on for. I have no idea how I’d lasted until now but I’d hoped for so long now that she’d done something like this there was no way I was going to let go now. I wanted to hear everything.

“After, I pulled my knickers back up, rearranged my dress and that was it. No flirting, no compliments, it was what it was. We both needed a fuck. He had a cock and I had a pussy.”

After a few moments of silence, me giving her time to continue in case there was more and her taking the time to gauge my reaction she spoke in a teasing voice.

“You certainly look like you enjoyed that” she purred.

“God yes I did, I can’t believe you did that but I’m so glad you did” I said in a naughty tone of voice.

“Good, well now I know you’re serious and you won’t get upset, would you like to hear the rest?”

The adrenaline and heart started again, all I could manage to do was swallow because my throat had become dry and nod. I was like a helpless little sheep waiting to be walked down the road, with no control over the destination.

“A few weeks after that you went away with work and a couple of days in I was in need of attention so I messaged him telling him I could use his services”

“He came round to ours that night, I let him in as soon he knocked at the door and led him upstairs to the bedroom. I was wearing my nighty and nothing underneath.”

“I laid down on the bed, lifted my nighty and as before he removed his pants and fucked me good. As before, he can have only been in the house for about 15 minutes from knocking at the door to leaving.”

“No flirting, no teasing, just 2 adults who needed a fuck and each of us had the equipment to help each other out.

This was just getting better. A one off in the heat of the moment was one thing but actively inviting him round to ours was another.

“This happened quiet regular, if we weren’t talking, if you were away with work, if you’d been tired and turned me down, sometime just if I was horny on an afternoon and need more than just to masturbate.”

“This had gone on for maybe 3 months or so when one day I received a message from him. You can say no if you like but my wife has been on her period for two weeks now and I could really use your services”

“Well it only seemed fair, after all he’d helped me out so many times.”

“I went over to his house and knocked on the door. He opened the door and welcomed me in, just like any friend that might have visited. As soon as the door closed behind me, he turned me round, lifted my skirt, slid my knickers to one side and fucked me right there against the door.”

“When we had both cum, we rearranged ourselves, I turned around, opened the door and left. I shouted, thanks for that, I’m lost without my phone. I guess I just wanted to throw off any nosey neighbours that might have seen or hear anything.

I couldn’t believe it. She really did have a fuckbuddy. They would help each other out when either of them needed a fuck. No emotions, not trying to get one over on their partners. Just two people using each other bodies for fun.

“It’s been going on like this for about 3 years” she finished.

I looked at her, as if I wasn’t already a wreck with emotions, adrenalin and a cock that was ready to explode about 15 minutes ago she lets it drop that this wasn’t just some naughty thing she did in the past to satisfy her lust but something that was still going on to this very day.

“So it still happens today” I managed to say in almost a shocked voice, my throat so dry with all the excitement”

“When was the last time you fucked him?” I continued, mainly out of curiosity.

“This afternoon, in this bed, his wife came on yesterday and he needed my services”

That was all I could take so I flipped her on to her back, forced her legs apart and put my cock inside her as deep as I could possibly go. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I desperately needed to cum from the very first sentence. As soon as my cock was deep inside her sopping pussy when pulled my head to one side and whispered in my ear.

“I take it you’re not upset with me then? I might as well tell you. He doesn’t fuck anyone else other than me and I’m on the pill. Each and every time we fucked he filled your naughty wife’s pussy with his cum”

That was all I needed, not a single thrust, just held deep in her pussy my cock began to explode. Throb and throb. I didn’t think it was ever going to stop. I came that hard that when it did eventually come to an end my balls physically hurt.

I laid there completely exhausted, barley enough energy to breath.

Sofia leaned over putting my hand on her chest with one of the naughtiest grins on her face. Knowing that I was good with what she had told. Knowing that she had well and truly satisfied her man.

We looked at each other for a few moments, just smiling at one another. Just I began to realise that after all that I was going to have to muster up the energy to return the favour she said.

“Don’t worry about me, I got my fill this afternoon and if I get separate I’ll get Matt round tomorrow.

With that she turned over ready to go to sleep. I moved over to her forming a loving embrace there on the bed while we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.


2 Replies to “The Cheating Hotwife”

  1. Hottest story i have ever read, thanks for sharing, wanting to get into the lifestyle with my wife, i know she would be keen but i dont know how to broach the topic

    1. This is quite a common thing and it’s hard to suggest the best way as everyone is different and really only you are going to know your partner.

      You can see where it all began for us by reading the ‘Our Story’ section.

      The best thing we could say is don’t try rush or pressure your partner into the lifestyle. We’re all brought up from day one being taught that it’s bad and one partner should be enough and it can take time to sort things out in your head before you’re happy with actually doing it.

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