The ‘Jay’ Story – Our Thoughts


Before I begin I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone that has read our blog, helped us with spelling, grammar and overall advice. This is the first time we have ever written a Blog and we appreciate every bit of help. For those that have followed the story we hope you enjoyed it.

So this really was the beginning of what would turn out to be a lifestyle that we would thoroughly enjoy as a couple and would continue over the years.

Back then (about 8 years ago at the time of writing) we thought we were a pretty adventurous couple as far as sex was concerned. We’d do all of the positions, at people’s houses, in the car and anywhere we could if we could do it without getting caught.

As we got braver and our relationship grew we would occasionally watch porn together taking it in turns to put something on that we liked. Over time, without realising it I guess it gave us both a little insight into what really got the other going.

Noticing that I had picked girls he said “You don’t have to pick that for me you know, pick something for you”

Every time we take a walk down memory lane to reminisce where it all began, we always bring up this line. We often wonder if it hadn’t been asked would we be doing what we do today. I guess there are so many variables that any number of them would have led to us never taking up the life of Swinging. Luckily for us we did. It can be an emotional rollercoaster for the new couple but the key is communication and respect. Talk about what you do and don’t like and accept that no means no.

Mrs reveals a fantasy.

Jay, who we have renamed for obvious reasons, was the amazing girl that started us on our Swinging journey. That said, it was never the intention. The whole purpose of this was because Mrs and her friend wanted to experiment in the bedroom together. Mr, being the horny husband he is obviously had no problems with letting his wife live out her naughty fantasy.

That night during our fun we were teasing each other with our new little fantasy. Winding each other at the thought of me having fun with a girl. I was teasing him about the possibility of a threesome although at that point I wasn’t sure if I would want my hubby playing with another woman.

This paragraph has a lot more weight that you might think. Although the thought of me living out my fantasy of sleeping with another woman and having a lesbian encounter. It really played in the back of my head that hubby would want something in return. I remember the day after we had lots of conversations about what he would want in return.

We would talk for hours about it. He would constantly reassure me that he would get off on me telling him the details later and he didn’t want anything in return. Despite his reassurances it really does play on your mind that one day he is going to want a threesome or maybe even play with another woman solo. If it ever got brought up how could I say no if he let me live out one of my most secret fantasies?

It wasn’t just Mrs who had her worries. At the time this this took place she was a stay at home mum and my career allowed her to leave her job. Jay was also a stay at home mum. I didn’t want her running round to her house every day for a session.

All we could do was talk to one another. He would reassure me that he was happy for me to have solo girl fun as long as it was a one off. I really wanted to do it but I didn’t want it throwing in my face and causing our relationship problems if he couldn’t do something later down the line. Even worse, what if he decided to go behind my back with the attitude; Well she slept with someone else so I going to do the same.

It took a lot of talking and setting out how we wanted it to happen and what we would be happy with. In the end, we had pretty much talked it to death. The conversations were becoming the same and in a way this was good. We weren’t changing the rules or terms anymore. We would go over it and end up with the same result. We were becoming happy with what was going to happen.

The only remaining thing that you can’t plan for or talk about was trust. I had to trust him and that what he was saying was the truth and he didn’t have some hidden agenda that he was going to reveal later. He had to trust me that I wouldn’t jump into bed with my friend that I used to see two or three times a week just because we were horny and could.

If there was one piece of advice we could give couple wanting to try this lifestyle is that you need to have a solid relationship, you have to be truthful and honest, stick to the rules you have set out. Swinging can be extremely fun if you are both into it and respect each other’s wishes. You are going to push boundaries, pestering your partner to do something they don’t want to do or pressuring them will make them shy off and the won’t want to do anything. We have come a long way since this story took place and we do things now that we would never have considered back then.

The Girly Chat

This was such a surreal day when this happened. We kept it short for the sake of the blog but it ended up being a strange conversation that filled me with adrenaline. She was a good friend of mine and we would see each other two or three times a week.

Normally Jay and I would just talk about random things that girls talk about. How the kids are? How our partners were? Occasionally we would get onto why we were tired, usually late nights caused by our partners but we would never go into any real details. Maybe go into new positions we had tried or how we’d got out partners begging for it or what they did to get us going. Just cheeky things but not too much detail.

I said quite sheepishly “I told Mr that I fancied sleeping with another woman!”

I wasn’t actually planning on any of this and nothing previous to this conversation had ever suggested that she was interested in playing with another girl. The only reason it came out was because I was quite tired after having another late night session. When she asked me why I looked so tired I told her. This then led up to the question as to who got who going and I let out what I’d told Mr to get him all excited. It had been weeks since the events of A Naughty Afternoon but at this stage we had talked about going through with it but we had no idea how or who we would do it with. We didn’t even know where to start looking.

I was fascinated by her story and by this point I was more than a little excited and I was starting to get ideas of my own.

It wasn’t until she finished telling me her story that I started to think wonder if she would do it with us. The Blog doesn’t really cover it but I question was in my mind causing adrenaline for about an hour before I actually got the nerve to ask her. I immediately regretted asking her as soon as the words left my lips.

Out secrets out! She going to think I’m crazy! She is going to tell all of our friends!

These were all the thoughts that were going through my head as soon as I had spit out the words. The thing was, she didn’t look shocked or taken back. I still think she told me her story in the hope that I would ask her but I will never know.

When she said yes though, my heart was pounding. This was getting real and quick. It was that moment when I realised that a fantasy is all well and good while you’re playing with yourself or fucking your husband because when you’re done it all goes away. This could actually happen. Would I really be able to lick another girls vagina? I my naughty thoughts it really gets me going but a real one right in front of my face? I’m not so sure.

I told Mr everything when he got home. As you could probably imagine, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  Needless to say we both ended the night on a very high note!

Again this was played down to keep the post naughty and short but this conversation was a roller coaster of emotions. I dropped it to him that we had said we wanted to. At first he was a bit taken back that it was going to be someone we knew and that I spent a lot of time with. A lot of questions around did we get up to anything behind his back. Then it would turn naughty and ask if I was looking forward to it and I would tease asking if he enjoyed knowing his wife was wet and was because of another woman. In the end after quite a lot talking and messages when we couldn’t talk and the conversation going from serious concerns to plain filth we agreed we would go ahead. Although neither of us knew how we were going to live out this fantasy, I think we both thought it would be with someone neither of us knew and would never contact again. Going with someone we knew, and so closely, in our minds made it all too easy for it to get out of hand.

A Naughty Afternoon

This was probably the most awkward time for us. I was excited to hear that we had found someone for my wife to have her naughty fun with but at the same time I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. I would be at work, our messages would stop and my mind would be driving me crazy with what she might be doing. The only thing keeping me calm was that I knew I could trust her but even that was wearing thin.

It would drive me crazy, she would be hanging the washing out, answering the door and one time she was picking the kids up. I knew then time but it didn’t matter my mind would run away with itself.  It almost came to the point where we were going to call it off.

I would get horny when I got an update from Mrs about what was being talked about and actively encourage her to be naughty while they were together. Then get jealous when she admitted to having a kiss when I encouraged her in the first place. They it’s every man’s fantasy to see their girl sleep with another woman but this hit me hard.

I think it was either the night before this took place or a couple of nights before. We were having an argument about me thinking something had happened and she wasn’t telling me. It came to a final question.

“Do you want this to happen or not? If you don’t that’s fine, I will call it off and I won’t mention it with her again but don’t change your mind in an hour when you’re horny again”

“You’re blowing hot and cold. I will tell you if anything at all happens, I want to share my naughty adventure with you and I will be dying to tell you about any little thing that happens but you have to trust me”

She was right, I was driving myself crazy, convinced myself that she was having lots of fun everyday with her friend and not telling me about it. I forgot the whole reason why we were doing this, to share our naughty stories.

I can’t remember exactly how it ended but I agreed just to chill out a little and trust her. To be fair to her she had told me about every squeeze of the bum, every feel of legs, and every over the pants crotch feel and every dirty word that had been exchanged. With a clear mind it was obvious that she could see that what she was telling me was getting me off so why would she hold back on the main event? Jealousy however, twists your thoughts and you see what it wants you to see.

It was slightly different this time. It was like each time we had gone away we wished we had gone further and after the last few days we had reached the “fuck it” stage.

This really was the ‘fuck it’ stage for me. We had been teasing each other for a couple of days and Mr and I had been having some regrets, nerves, fears about what we were doing and we had only just got back on track. We’d left it that he would trust me to update him on anything that happened but I have to say that in the back of my head I wasn’t sure how he would react if I told him something naughty had happened while he was at work.

The last thing he said to me was.

“I’m a little jealous but I really do want you to have fun. Do what you have to do and if I don’t like it when it happens I will ask you to stop and put it down to experience, but promise me you will stop if I ask you too.”

When we talk about it together now he says he was just anxious. This was going on and we didn’t have any plans. When was it going to happen? When I was at work? Were we going to plan something? Is this teasing just going to go on forever? I didn’t see it this way at the time but now we have written it down he did say it from the beginning! He didn’t want me having fun every day with my friend while he was at work. In his mind every squeeze of the bum, every feel of legs, and every over the pants crotch feel might as well have been full on sex. I saw it as a little teasing before the main event but he saw it as a session and he was hearing about it every single day.

All this comes back down to communication, from my point of view it was something and nothing just leading up to the main event and in his eyes it was naughty fun every day.  Talking about how we felt and understanding the other point of view got us back on track quickly. Not getting annoyed or angry because one of us was upset, understanding what was wrong and changing the way we behaved. This worked well for us and left it at; if we’re going to do this then arrange a date or get on with it. Don’t drag it on forever for nothing to happen.

I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. She was doing the same to me but she was a little more forward. She had one hand right at the top of my thigh with the edge of her hand resting on my crotch over my jeans. The other hand was gently stroking my breast just enough for me to feel it.

Having had our talks and Mr just wanting some closure rather than this going on for months on end I did actually feel awkward inside when this started to play out. It really was a ‘fuck it’ moment. We had left things at either do something during the day or arrange a night but either do it or don’t.

I wasn’t entirely sure how he would react when I told him but right now I thought this was going to be it. Things were going further than they ever had before. I just had to hope that Mr would be OK with everything once it had happened for real.

I was so wet and at this point my pussy was screaming out to be touched. I wasn’t sure I had ever felt so horny in my life before.

This was so true. I had fantasised about this for longer than I could remember and if I’m honest I wasn’t too sure I could actually go through with it. After our little build up I was horny beyond belief and all I wanted to do was get into her pants. There was no reluctance. I knew I wanted to do this right here and now and live out my fantasies.

She was wearing jogging bottoms and I was extremely excited so I decided to just go for it. I slid my hand down her ‘easy access’ jogging pants and inside her knickers.

That moment of feeling another woman’s pussy for the first time will stay in my head forever. I had no real idea what I was doing, how I would react but I have to say it was probably one of the biggest turn ons in my life. As soon as my hand made contact with her wet pussy I was dripping wet myself. I thought that if someone even looks at me I would cum; luckily I managed to keep it together.

I followed her upstairs hoping that we could take it all the way but she just said “Tell your hubby what has happened so far. I don’t want to cause problems and if he’s good we will arrange a night together”

We didn’t think that we caught this very well in the original post but it’s actually a lot bigger part of the journey than it might seem. One of the things we had talked about that day was the conversations that Mr and I had been having. She was concerned that she might be causing problems for our relationship, something that none of us had really anticipated, probably because of the stereotypical view of men seeing their partner with another woman. Although things got out of hand and went a little further than they should we did talk about putting it on hold and stop with the naughtiness until we can arrange a night. It was only since she had mentioned that she had a baby sitter and was thinking about doing that evening. One thing to remember if you are being invited as a third party is that the couple might not be as confident as you think. You need to respect them and understand that things can be a lot more complicated for them, especially if they are new to the scene.

When we look back now after so many years and all the things we have done since it almost makes us laugh how we felt back then and the silly things that got in the way. We’re sure some more experienced Swingers will be reading this and thinking we must have been a nightmare back then. We probably were, we were new, we didn’t really know what we wanted or even if we wanted it. Your emotions are bound to get in the way when the partner you love is about to have fun without you.

We’d had our test run, gone as far as we’d ever gone before and confirmed to ourselves that this wasn’t just some naughty fantasy that we got off to ourselves alone and that this was something that we actually wanted to go through with. All I had to do now was tell Mr what had gone on and hope that he would be good for that night to let us finally have our night of fun.

The Girls Finally Have Their Night of Fun.

Let’s start this with how I actually told hubby what had happened that afternoon. After everything we had gone though up until now and the conversations we had it might seem that I just went off and did what I wanted anyway. This wasn’t the case, he just wanted it to either happen or not happen. Not continue teasing for days on end with no result.

So after I brought hubby up to date with the naughty afternoon that we’d had together, quite a bit of hot sex and storytelling later, we arranged a night where we could have our fun.

I began by telling him in messages as soon as she had left our house that afternoon; Telling him that if he was OK with it tonight was going to be the night. He was very excited about it and if anything glad that we had stopped playing around and actually decided to arrange something. It wasn’t just a case that we were putting it off though; timing wasn’t great with sitter and ladies problems. There was quite a bit more going on than us just not arranging the night.

Once we got chatting a little and the messages getting naughtier I told him about out little warm up session and everything that we had got up to. Judging from his reaction I think if he wasn’t at work he would have cum right there and then without even having to touch himself.

The only thing we knew was that if anything was to happen, we would go upstairs and Mr wouldn’t be allowed to watch as we were nervous enough and I wasn’t sure how I felt about him seeing another woman like that.

There was a couple of comments left on social media about this and it comes back to not having the ability to switch off your emotions as much as you might want to and respecting each other’s wishes. From the very beginning this was always about Mrs fulfilling one of her fantasies and then coming back to me with all the naughty details. Things get said in the heat of them moment like “Would you like to join in?” or “I bet you’d love to see your naughty wife with another woman” but you have to take that for what it is. It’s naughty bedroom talk and not a change to what we had agreed and just because there was a horny woman in our house now that wanted to sleep with my wife nothing had changed. Don’t get me wrong I would have loved to have joined in or watch the events take place but I had to respect Mrs. This had already gone way further than I thought it would have.

It might seem a little unreasonable that she didn’t want me seeing another woman, especially one that she wanted to have sex with herself but I knew how emotions could play mind games with you and I just had to respect that. I would get the naughty stories and she would fulfil one of her fantasies. Everyone was going to get what they wanted out of it and trying to pressure someone to get a little extra could have killed the entire night.

Hubby: “Are you OK with everything we’re not going too fast for you are we?”

Jay: “No I’m good, I just don’t know how to start.”

Hubby: “Why don’t you follow her upstairs?”

Jay: “What about you?”

Hubby: “I will be fine, go upstairs and have some fun.”

I’ll remember this until the day I die I think. Mrs had gone upstairs but she had hinted to me that she wanted Jay to follow her upstairs. It was getting quite late and we didn’t want the whole night to be sat downstairs nervous and for nothing to actually happen.

I saw Jay in way I had never seen her before, horny, holding herself and making it obvious she wanted to be satisfied. That thought alone can get me excited sometimes. Seeing someone you know completely out of character for them. The look of joy and excitement she had on her face when she popped her head back around the door was like the biggest “thank you” she could give. Even though no words left her actual lips I heard the message loud and clear.

The night had come to an end and Jay left for home. In the back of my head I was a little worried about hubby as he had been sat there for two hours with no attention and then nearly another hour listening to what we had got up to.

I think the original post goes into enough detail about what the girls got up to but what did I do for two long, agonising hours while the girls were upstairs? Well. Other than being as hard as a rock for 2 straight hours I had a couple of coffees, about 20 cigarettes. I tried to take my mind off things by listening to music and playing on the Xbox. Oh and for  15 minutes trying to figure out if I should go to the bathroom or not because I didn’t want to upset Mrs thinking I was trying to sneak a peek. Luckily, it was only the last 15 minutes so that problem solved itself.

It turned out that my worries were wasted because as soon as the door clicked shut he pounced. He was rock hard and slid straight into my already soaked pussy. We fucked like crazy until the early hours. Every time we thought we wouldn’t be able to go again, five minutes later we would be at it. Both of us orgasm after orgasm as he took out the nights sexual frustrations on me while I kept dropping details about the night.

I think that paragraph covers the point of why we continue to swing today. It was an emotional build up and both had our concerns but as a strong couple that trust, respect and listen to one another we managed to have an amazing night that not many couple will ever experience together.

We had achieved fulfilling some fantasises and we were now getting each other off just reminiscing about what we had done together.

We have some close friends that know about our secret lifestyle and a few of them always ask. Why do you do it? Isn’t he/she good enough in the bedroom for you? The answer is yes, he/she is good enough but the naughtiness, the thrill and the excitement of doing something like this together is like nothing else you can experience as a couple.

Sex for weeks after this was crazy between us. We had felt first-hand how much fun it could be to explore each other’s fantasies as a couple. We even started to let slip other things that we might have been embarrassed about previously so we could explore our crazy sexual urges together.

This was really the beginning of something that we never really thought would be anything more than just this one night. We both started to let things slip. Ideas, fantasies naughty things we liked. We could open heartedly share some of the things we had kept to ourselves knowing that the other wouldn’t judge or be shocked. If it was something we were both interested in we would explore the idea further or something one of us wasn’t keen on maybe play it out in the bedroom. It was like we’d connected on an entirely different level.

Fun for Three? (Hubbys Perspective) – Part 1

We decided to split this into 2 parts because it was a long post that had a lot to cover. We started the whole chapter saying that we only wanted solo girl fun for Mrs and then suddenly we’re at a threesome. The truth is that it came out of the blue for us just as much in real life. Mr had obviously thought about it but never thought it would happen and I had never even considered it.

I might sound strange but my most intimate moments were with Mr. We had a great sex life and up until that night we had done everything together. The night was perfect and I don’t think it could have gone any better. The only thing that was missing for me is that he was there to enjoy it with me. At first the thought of him checking out one of my naked friends made me sick to my stomach . Let alone the thought of him going any further. The more it played on my mind though and the more I thought about it I started to like the idea of him being there with me. Having fun together, like we had done for years. I started to like the idea of him just watching at first. Then it moved to him joining in with kisses or wondering hands. Before I knew it I was thinking about him and her fucking whilst I watched or joined in.

I used to bring it up in the bedroom when I was teasing to see how it made me feel. I don’t think Mr took it too seriously because he knew how I felt about the subject and I don’t think he ever thought I would do it. He never pressured me for it and just accepted it was what it was.

“Naughty 😉 Well we were thinking of arranging another night of fun and she has asked if I would let you join in.”

This wasn’t quite out of the blue as it might seem, Jay and I had brought this up in conversation. We had been talking about if everyone enjoyed it and if we would do it again with anyone. I sort of dropped it in conversation that I was thinking about letting Mr join in next time and see where we go from there. She thought I should, saying that he did everything he was asked, he didn’t even try to get involved or do anything you didn’t want him too. She suggests that I talk to him and discuss what we would be happy with and what we wouldn’t.

“Haha, she has been teasing me and I trust her not to try anything funny afterwards. Well she told me she wants to fuck you sooo I guess at least that far lol.  Oh and you can say no if you want but we were hoping for tonight 🙂

We glossed over this and made it sound like it was just this message that signed us up for a three way and we should have gone into a little more detail really. We had some serious conversations about if we would want to do it again and it seemed to move towards;

“Probably, but not too soon I don’t want it to get stale”

I suppose it made sense, going through all that and fucking like crazy over my naughty stories is great as a one off but I don’t think it will be too long before it just becomes stale or normal. Keeping it to rare one offs was probably the best idea. We talked about the possibility of Mr joining in and although he seemed up for it I think deep down he thought that after everything we had talked about previously it would never happen so never got too excited about it.

I kept bringing it up and wed go through what I would be happy with him doing and what I wouldn’t. One of my big things at the time was who would make him cum. I got it in my head that it was my job and I didn’t like the idea of some other woman getting my husband off. I was happy for kisses, for him to get touchy feely and for her to do the same in return. I was even coming round to the idea of letting him fuck her but I wanted to be the one that made him cum.

They became the ground rules and again we had talked about what we wanted to do and how we would be both happy if we ever got the chance. It wasn’t until this day though when Jay suggested that she came round for a naughty threesome.

We’d agreed that if either of us didn’t like what was happening we would stop and not try to keep things going in the heat of the moment. That and that we would share the attention. I didn’t want to watch Mr fuck my friend for hours on end while I sat on the side lines. The same went for him too, he didn’t want to be invited to a threesome and then be told off every time he showed her some attention. He insisted that if I wanted him to watch then I should just say; don’t invite him to join in and then get upset when you see me showing another woman attention. It was unknown territory and similar to what Mr had experienced. I really liked the idea and wanted to do it but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel jealous at times.

I guess for me, it had come to the point of “I really want to try this” and if we don’t do it then we are just going to talk it to death and nothing will ever happen. I knew I could trust Mr after out little girl on girl and him sticking to his word so I knew that if I did get upset he would do as he promised and stop if I asked. That and I knew he would spread the attention, I realised that this was the same for him. The point was the naughty fun together, the girl could be anyone, the point is it was me and him having fun together.

“If you are sure, then yes I’m up for it. If anything happens that you don’t like then promise me you will tell me and I will stop. Other than that I’m good if you are”

All I wanted to do from receiving Mrs texts was go home and put my arms around her. I knew what she’d said before and I didn’t want her to do this just because she felt like she owed me. I needed to know that she was happy and this was for us both. I’d never needed to look at another woman or even consider cheating because I fancied the pants off her, she was a great woman and our sex life was great. I had never had a need to stray. Once I was happy that she was good with everything the conversation turned to pure filth as we both got caught up in the moment. I would tease about looking forward to playing with another woman, trying to see if her face slipped but it never did. She was just as excited about the whole thing as I was. It was a great comfort knowing that she was just as excited about it as me and that this wasn’t just some kind of payback.

Fun for three? (Hubbys Perspective) – Part 2

At long last the final part of this chapter and we can begin work on the rest of our story. Writing this blog and going over what we did back then has sparked so many fond memories. It’s hard to believe what we went through and all the emotions that took place. These days we do still have some ground rules but nowhere near what we were like back then. Emotions no longer get in the way, we generally know what we want and if we’re not particularly happy about something we air it out straight away.

This might sound strange but if you’ve never done this before everything can feel a little weird at first. We’re all brought up to believe that love and sex is the same thing. Cheating is wrong. You should only have naughty thoughts about your partner. Now we’re in a situation where we’re going to go against all of that.

This is a little deep but it’s true when you actually think about it. Why is it bad if your partner has fun with someone else? Is it because he/she doesn’t love you and your partner should be enough? Or is it because from the moment we’re born we’re told that why it’s wrong? Don’t get us wrong, Swinging isn’t for everyone, it can take its toll at times but here we wanted to enjoy a woman together and even though it was something we both wanted to do we still felt it was wrong. Why is it wrong if it’s something we both want to do? Just for the record we have done MMF and the same thought applies. Is my wife a slut because she wants to enjoy another man? We don’t say the same thing about guys that want enjoy various women. Anyway, before it gets too philosophical we’ll stop right here.

Mrs went into the kitchen and came back out with an empty bottle. She announced “None of us know how to get this started so we are going to play a rude game of spin the bottle, only rude dares allowed!”

Possibly the best idea anyone had all night! Three nervous people wanting to get something started but no one knowing where to start. Mr, dying to get his hands on Jay. Jay, not a clue where to start and Mrs wanting to get her hands on Jay again but also aware that Mr is there and who should start where. ‘Spin the bottle’ just let things get started nicely because the person coming up with the dares wasn’t getting involved in them. That way if it was Mrs she could pick something she was happy with. Same for  Mr and Jay. It only took a couple of spins and the rest of the night went from there.

After Jay had left for the night the Mrs and I continued to talk about the night, breaking out into more amazing sex every time we got too excited. This continued into the early hours. Neither of us able to put the other down until we both fell asleep from exhaustion.

The only thing that’s left to address was how I felt about seeing my husband fuck another woman. I can honestly say it was hot and if anything even hotter that the solo I’d had previously. I spread his attention so I never felt left out, when he was fucking her, our eyes would keep meeting making sure I was OK. I really did get the feeling that if I had been upset and asked him to stop he would have. The entire thing felt like it was us taking advantage of this poor woman for our own naughty pleasure. It wasn’t about me or him getting the chance to fuck another woman, it was more about us getting the chance to take advantage of another woman and enjoy her together.

There were a couple of points when I felt a little jealous. When he first put his cock inside her and I saw the look on his face, a look that had previously been reserved for me. After a few seconds though he was straight back looking at me to make sure I was good and I felt a lot more relaxed. He didn’t just get his cock wet and forget about me.

The other was when I came down from the bathroom to see them fucking like that had been doing it for years. It did make me feel uncomfortable but as I stood there I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and decided to let them continue for a bit. Before I knew it I was rubbing myself watching them go at it. Strange now that something that nearly caused me to ask them to stop is an image I still get off on today.

The end to the chapter

So that brings an end to The ‘Jay’ Story and our very first Swinging encounter.

We really hope you enjoyed reading this story and we would love to hear your thoughts either in the comments or over on twitter @TLO_Swingers

We have said it before and Swinging probably isn’t for everyone but if you are a strong couple and can respect each other it can be a lot of fun.

We’re going to be starting on The ‘Reign’ Story and we’re also going to be starting a fantasy fiction section. We have lots of naughty ideas and fantasies. Some we want to try, some we just like the idea of and other that we think are best kept as fantasies (well for now anyway). Either way we think you would enjoy reading some of them here.

Thank you to all our readers and to all thoughts that left us comments and feedback and really gave us inspiration to carry one.

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