Fun for three? (Hubbys Perspective) – Part 2

The long awaited knock at the door came. Mrs went out of the living room closing the door behind her. I heard her open the front door and I could hear the mumbling of the girls talking but not enough to hear the conversation. The two girls moved, still talking back into the living room.

There was a strange eye contact between us as we greeted each other. It was like we knew what was about to happen, and how strange the circumstances were. We were checking one another out in a way that we would never done alone but now we were and not only that my wife was right there in the room to see.

We talked for a little while. I think we were all as nervous as each other. It began with a little small talk, a few naughty turns but nobody was willing, or knew how to make the first move. The conversation gradually faded until the point none of us knew what to say. Looking back I think we were all screaming “Let’s just get on with it” in our heads but we didn’t know how to get things started.

Mrs broke the awkwardness and said “So how do we get this started?”

After a little bit of awkward conversation we decided we should all get changed, Jay went into the bathroom and the Mrs and I went to our room. A few minutes later we all emerged in our dressing gowns and headed back down to the living room.

This might sound strange but if you’ve never done this before everything can feel a little weird at first. We’re all brought up to believe that love and sex is the same thing. Cheating is wrong. You should only have naughty thoughts about your partner. Now we’re in a situation where we’re going to go against all of that.

From our perspective we are openly admitting that we want to have sexual fun with another partner and from Jays perspective she’s openly admitting that she would like to sleep with her friends husband and admitting to him that she wants to sleep with his wife. It’s so easy to overthink things and let your mind run away with itself.

Who makes the first move? Who do you make it with? Will my wife be OK? Is Jay even interested in me or is she just here for the Mrs?

Mrs went into the kitchen and came back out with an empty bottle. She announced “None of us know how to get this started so we are going to play a rude game of spin the bottle, only rude dares allowed!”

At this point I think that Jay and I were just glad that someone had done something.

Mrs spun the bottle first. As the bottle went round and round we all sat there staring anxiously waiting for it to stop. The bottle came to a stop and it was pointing at me. I think I did what every man in my situation would do if given the task to come up with a rude dare for his wife and her friend. My dare was for the girls to passionately kiss while letting their hands wonder.

The girls looked at each other both baring a cheeky grin and turning a little red. They moved closer to each other so they could carry out the naughty dare I had given them. Smiling at one another they went in for the kiss. It started as lots of small kisses. Those small kisses quickly turned into more passionate kisses and not long after that the tongues were in full use and a lust filled kiss was taking place in front of me. I could feel my cock get hard instantly while I sat there and watched my wife being so naughty with another woman. Hands were now wondering over boobs, under the dressing gowns and between legs.

The most erotic thing I had ever seen with my own eyes was happening right there in front of me. You can see it a million times on the internet but nothing compares to seeing it happen in real life. It felt like about 30 minutes had gone by but in reality probably only a couple of minutes. The girls slowed down, slowing down with the hands, the kiss broke down into smaller and smaller kisses until it broke apart completely. We returned to where we were sitting ready for the bottle to be spun again.

I think in any normal circumstance that would have been enough to kick start the night into action but this was the first time inviting someone else into the bedroom and as much as we both liked the idea you never really know if you’re going to like it in real life.

Mrs spun the bottle again. This time we were all crazy horny and you could feel that the nerves had been lifted slightly. Unlike last time where I think we were a bit nervous about what will happen, we were looking forward to see what would happen next.

The bottle landed on Mrs and almost without hesitation she announced her dare. “I want you and Jay to do the same thing we just did!”

We both looked as her, almost with a “Are you sure?” kind of look on our faces.  The excitement on her face confirmed that she was sure. I’m not sure when she changed her mind but she definitely wanted to see what was about to happen.

We moved closer to each other and slowly started to kiss, gradually picking up momentum. I don’t know if it was the rush of touching and kissing the first woman in 4 year that wasn’t my wife, if it was because she had asked me to or if it was because my wife was sat there in the same room watching this take place but it felt like things progressed quicker with us two that it had with the girls.

We started with a couple of small pecks on the lips that quickly escalated into a full passionate kiss. She started to introduce her tongue into the equation and gladly obliged and introduced my own while allowing my hands to wonder and having a cheeky feel or her ass. I was still a little wary at this point of coming across too eager for my wife’s sake but I guess this was just all of the emotions, trying to enjoy the company of our guest while at the same time making sure my wife was happy with the situation. After caressing Jays arse she began to move her hands, one around to my arse where she had a good grope, and the other worked its way under my dressing gown and began to stroke my already erect cock. Following her lead, I gently moved one of my hands from around her back, under her dressing gown to have a feel between her legs. To my pleasant surprise, she had already removed her knickers and I was treat to an extremely smooth, wet pussy. Her lips were already wet and slippery as I gently rubbed with my 4 fingers her entire pussy from the top to the bottom. She was moaning gently as I massaged her pussy and slowly began to change the formation of my fingers and started to focus more on her clit.

Our kiss broke and we both looked at Mrs to see how she how she was taking it. The naughty look on her face combined with the fact she had her own hand under her dressing gown and her arm movement as she rubbed herself told us all we needed to know.

I asked her in a naughty tone of voice with a cheeky grin on my face.

“Shall we spin the bottle again?”

Instead of answering, she moved over to us, parted Jays dressing gown and wrapped her lips around one of her nipples. My hand was still rubbing Jays pussy and I felt my wife’s hand gently move mine out of the way and begin to take over. I looked down to see the naughtiness taking place below. Jay was still stroking my cock, Mrs was rubbing Jays pussy so I moved my hand to Mrs pussy and began teasing her. The three way pleasure had begun. I positioned my head to Jays free nipple and began to tease her with my lips and tongue. We occasionally looked at each other to checkout our reactions.

Mrs pulled her head away and asked Jay to take a seat on the sofa, announcing she really wanted to feel her shaved wet pussy on her tongue. We broke the entanglement of heads, hands, lips and tongues and Jay moved over to the sofa. She removed her dressing gown completely and as she did so did Mrs and myself. At this point the nerves had pretty much gone completely and there’s no point in being shy about it anymore.

Jay sat there, legs apart giving us both a great view of her shaved, very excited pussy. You could see the light reflecting off the wetness of her pussy. Mrs positioned herself between her legs, moving her head towards her pussy. I’m not sure why, but I thought she might have hesitated. I was wrong, her head began bobbing up and down with all the excitement I have when I get to lick pussy. She was genuinely excited to be tasting, teasing and pleasuring a woman. Suddenly realising that this wasn’t just naughty talk we’d had in the bedroom and that this was a real fantasy of hers. I aligned myself up behind Mrs and slowly thrust my very hard, over excited cock into her pussy.  She was so wet it slid straight in feeling amazing as her tight, warm pussy wrapped around my cock. The movements her body was making as licked our guest just made the sensation even better.

I could have exploded there and then but this was the beginning and I knew I had to hold out. I know not everyone is the same but I knew that if I blew now I would need the ‘cooldown’ period before I would be good to go again and who wants that with everything that was going on. After all, this might never happen again.

Jay was sat on the sofa, legs apart. Mrs was on her knees in front of Jay with her tongue deep in her pussy. I’m knelt behind Mrs thrusting my cock as deep as I can. It was then that Jay did something that would turn out to be one of Mrs hottest memories from the night. Jay lent forward to lean in for a kiss. I leant forward and allowed out lips to meet. There was no playing around this time we were straight into a passionate kiss with tongues, deep breaths and low moans of pleasure from both of us. I could feel myself thrusting harder into Mrs and Jay moving up and down thrusting her pussy into Mrs face. She had one hand on the back of Mrs head pushing her deeper into her pussy and one around the back of mine keeping our kiss going and adding to the passion.

After a few minutes I hear Mrs.

“Mmmm looks like you two are having fun! Does Jay want to swap places with me?”

We all moved so the girls could swap places. Mrs now lay on the sofa with her legs spread. Jay on her knees with her tongue buried in Mrs pussy. I was knelt behind Jay caressing her arse as and rubbing her pussy from behind. I was stunned, taking in everything thing that was happening. The girls were lost in the moment but I was a little unsure because I was about to fuck another woman for the first time and as excited as I was my primary concern was Mrs. Kissing and fondling was one thing but how would she feel about this?

I needn’t have worried, after a few moments Mrs opened her eyes and in a very naughty voice said.

“Don’t be shy, I want to see you fuck her, and I know she wants you too!”

With that I lined myself up, the end of my cock sat between her pussy lips. I was teasing myself with her pussy as she rocked backwards and forwards, just the tip, occasionally sitting in the entrance to her extremely wet and horny pussy. After a moment or two I thrust deep into her pussy. I let out a moan as I bottomed out and a light “Oh my god” as the immense pleasure took over my body. At the same time Jay let out a moan briefly raising her head muttering “That’s what I needed”. Mrs, let out a moan herself and whispering, but loud enough for us both to hear “Does she feel good babe?” All I could let out was a brief moan and a “Fuck yes!” Mrs looked like she was going to cum right there and then but managed to hold out.

We continued to play for a while before deciding to take a break. Everything had happened so quickly and time had flown. We’d been playing for about 2 hours straight. We had a cigarette and a drink and talked and teased about what had happened so far.

There were no nerves or shyness at all now, just three adults talking about what they enjoyed in the filthiest way. It seemed a little surreal because up until now any conversations had been hints, tongue in cheek comments but now it was just open “I enjoyed fucking your husband” and “I enjoyed watching you finger my wife” type of conversations.

We were all hot and bothered again and just wanted to finish what we had started. While we had been talking we had been teasing each other or stroking and rubbing ourselves as we talked about the thing we found hot.

Jay said she needed to use the bathroom and wanted to freshen up a little. She headed upstairs to the bathroom. No sooner had we heard a couple of footsteps of her walking up the stairs Mrs dragged me to the living room floor and I dived on her like I hadn’t fucked a girl in ten years. As we fuck there on the floor she whispered into my ear.

“It was so hot when you two were kissing over my back. You were both thrusting hard at me from either end. It was like you were trying to fuck each other through me”

I was relieved that she was enjoying the reality as much as we’d enjoyed the fantasy together. We continued our small talk while we waited for Jay to return.

“I really need to cum now so I’m going use the bathroom when Jay has finished and then I’m going for it!” she continued.

Being in such a naughty mood I whispered back.

“How would you feel if I continue this with Jay when you go upstairs?”

To my surprise she replied.

“Mmmm now that would be naughty, if she wants to, feel free!”

I could tell from the look on her face and her naughty tone she was serious and like the sound of what I’d suggested,

Jay retuned from the bathroom freshened up and Mrs went upstairs to freshen up herself.

Jay and I were now on the living room floor talking about what we had got up to together and asking if Mrs was still good with everything. She explained that it felt a little strange when I was fucking her right in from of Mrs. This slowly turned into a tongue in cheek compliments session where we complimented each other on our techniques. Before we knew it we were kissing and groping. Jay changed position and now lay on her back, me following not to break the kiss. Without thinking I got between her legs, not fucking but rubbing my cock on her clit. Then the passion and lust took over and she put her hand down, grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her open pussy.

Instantly we were fucking hard on the living room floor like a horny couple fucking in the early stages in a relationship. Moaning, kissing, thrusting into each other as we desperately wanted to please the other. Using more of the techniques we had just complimenting each other on. It was different this time because we had a little knowledge about what we liked and was using that to please one another.

Mrs retuned from upstairs and we tuned to look at her with cheeky looks on our faces as if to say “God that was good, thank you”

She looked a bit taken back, like she was shocked or upset at what she had seen. I lifted myself up to separate us and go hug my wife. The last thing I wanted for one of us to be upset. Before I could pull out though she said;

“Don’t stop! I was just a little shocked seeing you enjoy it so much. I want to watch you like you were. I’ll say if I want you to stop.”

She sat on the sofa, spread her legs a begun rubbing herself like she just discover how to play with herself a couple of days previous.

As soon as we saw this immediately carried on where we left off. We were fucking like crazy, snogging our faces off with tongues, moaning and quite loudly at this point. It was like when I’d been away on business for a couple of weeks and the Mrs and I let loose on each other.

After about 15 or 20 minutes Mrs stood up and announce;

“I can’t take it any longer, I need to cum NOW!”

She hurried over to us. I got from between Jays legs and Mrs jumped right in inserting a couple of fingers and begun licking Jays pussy like she was possessed. I got behind Mrs and started to fuck her as deep as I could possibly get my cock into her.

After only a couple of minutes of all three of us fucking like this, like it was the first time we’d discovered sex Jay let out a moan, locked her legs shut putting Mrs head in a vice between her legs. At the same time, I felt Mrs pussy throb around my cock the hardest I had ever felt. If I didn’t know better I would have guessed she was doing it with her hand the contractions were that strong. That was all I could take, I throbbed so hard in Mrs pussy and had one of the strongest orgasms I had in years.

As we came down from our orgasms and eventually came to a stop we all put out dressing gowns back on and began talking about the naughty events that had just taken place. Complimenting each other on things we liked and all agreeing that we would do it again.

After Jay had left for the night the Mrs and I continued to talk about the night, breaking out into more amazing sex every time we got too excited. This continued into the early hours. Neither of us able to put the other down until we both fell asleep from exhaustion.

Little did we know that night would be the start of a new lifestyle that would continue over the next 8 years? Something that we would find in common, open our relationship and share our fantasies and get ever more daring. Most importantly we became a strong couple with no secrets. What does a couple that can communicate and experiment together have to hide from each other?

The first step into what would become our Swinging Lifestyle.

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