Fun for three? (Hubbys Perspective) – Part 1

So the girls had their night of fun together and in turn set us alight with passion and lust. We were barely able to put each other down for weeks.  Mrs had all her naughty memories and loved to tease me about what had happened that night. I wasn’t even in the room and didn’t see a thing but my imagination was running wild with the things I had been told by the girls along with all the other things my brain was making up too.

Over the next few weeks we would talk about how much fun it was and how crazy we had been. This was just talk though, we had been brave enough to try out a fantasy and luckily we both found it amazing, I don’t think either of us could believe that we managed to do it once let alone do it again.

“What do you think of Jay?”

The day started just like any other. Well, apart from the fact that I had to travel off site from work to attend a meeting which meant that I had to set off an hour earlier than I normally would. I left the Mrs in bed and I set off to work.

The day had been pretty hectic and it was around 2pm. The Mrs and I had our usual session of sexting in between meetings and during breaks. Not unusual for us, but it wasn’t long before ‘the naughty night’ was brought up again. Apparently the girls had been messaging and it was getting a little hot. I got the impression that they were hoping to have another play and this was the Mrs way of starting the conversation with me.

I was enjoying our teasing text session. I had done for the day but had to wait for my colleague for the next hour until he had finished. We had travelled together and he was driving so I just sat outside on a bench messaging the Mrs.

I remember the next thing like it was an hour ago, the message came though:

“What do you think of Jay?”

My heart skipped a beat, this wasn’t like her. It’s not something that we had really talked about and when we had it always sort of got brushed under the carpet. Was she testing me? What should I say? It dawned on me that her mind might not be in the gutter so I went back with the safe option.

“What do you mean? She’s a laugh”

It was like she knew that I would have been caught off guard, so cleared up any doubts that I might have.

“Do you think she’s hot? Would you fuck her?”

It might sound strange because the stereotypical guy would jump at the chance and any adult videos on the topic paint it out to be straight forward and everything is plain sailing. I knew my wife though, and even though we had teased about me playing with another girl in the bedroom it always ended with her saying she didn’t think she could put herself through it in real life.  The only think we had consistently said though is that we would be honest. So here goes.

“Honestly? Yes! She has a naughty way about her, I’d love to have some fun with her lol”

I wasn’t sure how she was going to take it but I thought if she’s up to something, she should get used to the idea of what I would be thinking. The next message came through.

“Naughty 🙂 Well we were thinking of arranging another night of fun and she has asked if I would let you join in.”

I was a little stunned but before I could write a response.

“I said yes lol. I think it would be hot to see you enjoying another woman.”

I couldn’t believe what I was reading? I still wasn’t sure if she was being serious or if she was teasing me. I thought I better find out and quick!

“Are you sure? How far can I go? You didn’t seem keen on the idea until now. When are you thinking?”

She replied almost instantly.

“Haha, she has been teasing me and I trust her not to try anything funny afterwards. Well she told me she wants to fuck you sooo I guess at least that far lol.  Oh and you can say no if you want but we were hoing for tonight :-)”

Stunned yet again by what I was reading I sat there with my phone in my hand staring right through it. I almost jumped when the phone vibrated in my hand.

“One thing though. You cum inside me. I don’t want her to make you cum. That job is for me. As long as you give us both attention and you don’t cum inside her you can do whatever you like”

The reality finally sank in, she was actually planning this. The conversation carried on from there making sure she was ok and teasing each other back and forth. My colleague had returned so I left the conversation with:

“OK, if you’re sure but let’s speak once I get home and if you feel the same then she can come round tonight”

The journey home was hell. My colleague wanted to bitch about work and how pointless the meetings were and all wanted to do was teleport home. It took about an hour to get to the meeting that morning and it felt 6 hours to get back.

I eventually arrived home to find the Mrs standing in the kitchen with a very cheeky smile on her face. I walked over to her, let my bag drop to the ground and put my hands around her waist.  We smiled and then kissed passionately. When our kiss finally broke, she asked:

“So are you up for it?”

I responded with:

“If you are sure, then yes I’m up for it. If anything happens that you don’t like then promise me you will tell me and I will stop. Other than that I’m good if you are”

I could tell from the smile on her face that she was a little relieved to here that. She picked up her phone and messaged Jay to come round later that evening.

I could tell from the smile on her face that she was a little relieved to hear that. She picked up her phone and messaged Jay to come round later that evening.

The evening seem to drag but it wasn’t long until the long awaited knock at the door arrive.

To be continued.. Part 2 will be online shortly.

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