The girls finally have their night of fun.

So after I brought hubby up to date with the naughty afternoon that we’d had together, quite a bit of hot sex and story telling later, we arranged a night where we could have our fun.

It’s worth taking a moment to say that we didn’t really know what we were getting in to. We were fueled by adrenaline, lust and excitement.

I really wanted to play with another woman and hubby wanted to let me. Even to the point where we’d agreed that I would play alone and the only thing he would get in return would be the stories I came back with.

Maybe we should have talked more, taken time to calm down. But little did we know then just how far this would take our relationship so we jumped in with both feet and had one hell of a time.

It was the big night and all of our nerves were shot. All the confident teasing and playing around had turned into nerves.

Looking back at it now only a couple of days before this happened we had pretty much already slept together just not to the point of orgasm. It’s funny how your mind works when it comes to “heat of the moment” vs “planning”

We had agreed that my friend would come round to ours and we could have a drink, relax a little and see where things went from their.

The only thing we knew was that if anything was to happen, we would go upstairs and Mr wouldn’t be allowed to watch as we were nervous enough and I wasn’t sure how I felt about him seeing another woman like that.

My friend, who I will refer to as ‘Jay’ had arrived and all three of us were enjoying a glass of wine. We were just chatting about the usual things and every now and then one of us would say something a little tongue in cheek that would make us laugh.

By now time was ticking on, nobody was brave enough to make a move but the feeling in the air was that everyone wanted to. I had to go upstairs to use the bathroom so I left hubby and Jay downstairs talking.

I didn’t find out about this until afterwards but this is the conversation that took place between them while I was out of the room:

Hubby: “Are you OK with everything we’re not going too fast for you are we?”
Jay: “No I’m good, I just don’t know how to start.”
Hubby: “Why don’t you follow her upstairs?”
Jay: “What about you?”
Hubby: “I will be fine, go upstairs and have some fun.”

He said after that she eagerly moved towards the door, almost holding herself like she desperately needed some attention down below. Just as he thought she had gone, she popped her head back around the door, hesitated as though she wanted to say something, smiled and went up the stairs.

I came out of the bathroom to find her sitting at the top of the steps. The bathroom door in our house opened up directly to the top of the staircase. She was sat quite sheepishly with a little glint of naughtiness in her eyes.

Trying to bit a bit of a teases I smiled and said “Hello you, what are you doing here?”

She looked a little unsure at this point. Almost like she started to doubt that hubby had given her the right advice about coming upstairs to see me. After a little pause she replied shyly “Hubby said that if I wanted to have fun I should come upstairs and meet you.”

Her words started to make my heart beat. We’d had a little to drink, a lot of tongue-in-cheek jokes and hints but this was the first time it seemed real. It was now or never. In my head I know that the next words out of my mouth will determine if this is going to go ahead or not. Thoughts were racing through my head. Do I invite her to the bedroom? Do I nip downstairs and tell hubby it’s happening and we will be a while? What should I do?

I quickly got my head together. Hubby sent her up so no need to go downstairs and tell him. I’m sure he will be fine. We both wanted to do this so badly and neither of us knew how to start it. She had made the first move by coming up to me and the nerves that took must have been tremendous. I replied with a smile and said “Oh he did, why don’t we go to the bedroom where it’s a little more comfortable?”

That was all it took. We were now in the bedroom sitting next to each other. We were sat on the edge of the bed looking at one another. Sat close enough that our legs were touching but we were still a little hesitant to touch. It was like loosing my virginity all over again. Not knowing what to do or where to start.

I leaned in for a kiss. She saw my momentum and moved in too. We started with little soft continuous kisses. They slowly turned into longer, more passionate kisses. Our breaths got deeper as we got more excited and turned on. Before we knew it we were sat beside on another in a full passionate kiss, tongues exploring out mouths as our hands started to explore our bodies.

We were desperate to explore each others bodies. I had slid my hand up her top and was caressing her large soft breasts. She followed and I could once again feel the wet material of my knickers rubbing up against me. I got the odd glimpse of her other hand that had moved to her crotch as she rubber herself over her pants.

I couldn’t take it no more. I needed to know if she was as excited as I was. I moved my hand from up her top and tried to undo the buttons on her pants. I desperately wanted to feel her shaved wet pussy again. I managed to get my hand in and felt her warm wet pussy. The front of my fingertips teasing her clit and her pussy lips while the back could feel her soaking wet knickers.

She quickly followed my lead and moved her hand to between my legs. She tried to rub my pussy but the pants that I was wearing and the position I was in was preventing her from being able to get me properly. I couldn’t take it anymore so I lifted up and began to take off my pants and my top.  I no longer had my hands on her and she had to move hers so I could remove my clothes. She took the opportunity to remove her clothes, just as desperately as  me. It was like we couldn’t undressed quick enough.

Finally, the moment I had fantasized about for so long. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I had pleasured myself to the thought of being in the same room as another naked, horny woman with only me to satisfy her.

We laid next to each other on the bed side by side. One leg fully laid on the bed and the other with our feet on the bed but the knee in the air to allow for easy access. We were kissing each other passionately like sex starved teenagers while our hand quickly but gently rubbed the others clit. The pleasure she was giving me was insane. It was taking everything in my body not to explode into what felt like would be the single biggest orgasm of my life.

Up until this point it was me who mainly made the moves and she followed suit. I guess by now she had lost her shyness and she moved her head away and broke our kiss. She gently took hold of my breast and placed it in her mouth. I didn’t think the pleasure could get any more intense but boy was I wrong. The feeling of her tongue sliding over my nipple and gentle sucks felt amazing. Hard to describe but so much different from the feel of a man doing it.

I knew if this continued I wouldn’t be hold off much longer and I know I’m not the kind of girl that can orgasm after orgasm. I pushed her towards the bed so that she was now laid on her back. I moved myself into a more upright position and began to return the favor she had done for me. All the time we carried on fingering occasionally pushing a finger or two deep into the others pussy.

I could tell from her reaction she was enjoying it. She was squirming with pleasure and had began to thrust up against my hand. Her moans were driving me crazy but there was something I desperately wanted to do.

I started to move my body so I was over the top of her and work my way down with gently kisses. Glancing up at her eyes she had a look of desperation. Like she was begging, willing me with everything in her body to give her clit the attention that it needed so badly. I carried working my was down until the point my face was directly between her legs.

There I was, my first real view of a horny wet pussy dripping before me. Screaming out for my tongue. I had fantasized about this moment for so long I couldn’t even tell you when I began to think about girls like this.

I paused for just a moment to take in what I was about to do and to take a mental photograph.

She whispered “Are you ok? You don’t have to if…”

Before she could even finish her sentence I placed my tongue on her clit and began to lick. Slowly at first building up momentum and occasionally probing her hole. She was thrusting against my face and gripped my head quite tight with her legs.

Just as I though we were getting going she screamed under her voice “Oh my fucking god!!!!”.

She gripped my head with her legs like a vice and I could feel her throbbing with my chin as I continued licking and trying to catch breaths where I could. Twitching sharply as her clit became more sensitive I reduced the pressure with my touch to bring her down from her orgasm. I could feel her juices flowing out of her like a waterfall. Eventually she pushed my head away and whispered “Could you feel me throb? I have never cum like that before!”

She got up and declared it was my turn. She placed me on my back and herself between my legs. She began to lick around my pussy occasionally going over my clit. She started gently and applied more pressure little by little. She was building me up and I could feel the energy building up inside. I managed to hold off for a few minutes until she found a rhythm and was now furiously licking my clit with the perfect amount of pressure.

I couldn’t hold off any longer. The pleasure flowed through my entire body as I could feel my pussy throbbing like it never had before. Wave after wave I would feel my entire body and limbs trembling. She eased off the pressure as I came down from my orgasm until she gently stopped.

I lay there for a few moments to catch my breath. I looked down at her to see her looking back at me. Her mouth and chin were soaked. I could see the light glistening of her face that now had a very cheeky smile on it. I tried to apologize but before I could finish she stopped me.

With a little excitement in her voice she said “Once you started to cum you were gushing like crazy. I was thinking she is really cumming! I finally satisfied a woman!”

We slowly started to get dressed with big smiles on our faces. Complimenting each other on our techniques. Things that felt good, things that hubby had never done. We were on a high. We not only managed to live through one of our fantasies but we’d also managed to satisfy our partners.

We went back downstairs to hubby who had a serious look of sexual frustration on his face. I don’t think our smiles helped reduce that and that we were still complimenting each other.  Also the two hour wait must have driven him crazy.

We carried on talking about what had just happened trying to include hubby in the conversation. I’m not sure that helped but I could tell he was uncomfortable in the trouser department.

The night had come to an end and Jay left for home. In the back of my head I was a little worried about hubby as he had been sat there for two hours with no attention and then nearly another hour listening to what we had got up to.

It turned out that my worries were wasted because as soon as the door clicked shut he pounced. He was rock hard and slid straight into my already soaked pussy. We fucked like crazy until the early hours. Every time we thought we wouldn’t be able to go again, five minutes later we would be at it. Both of us orgasm after orgasm as he took out the nights sexual frustrations on me while I kept dropping details about the night.

Sex for weeks after this was crazy between us. We had felt first hand how much fun it could be to explore each others fantasies as a couple. We even started to let slip other things that we might have been embarrassed about previously so we could explore our crazy sexual urges together.

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