A Naughty Afternoon.

So a few days had passed since the events of The Girly Chat and it had been brought up more than a few times in naughty conversations.

Sometimes we would even squeeze past one-another when there was really no need to. We would usually say something silly and a little rude at the time and shortly laugh it off.

It was a bit of fun and hubby used to love hearing about it when he got home from work.

Although it was just two friends having a bit of a giggle and being a bit cheeky it was creating a bit of a build up between us. Each time we would get a little more confident and would go a little further.

A silly squeeze past turned into a cheeky squeeze of a bum. Feeling each-others legs that started fairly innocent to feeling the inside of the legs and almost up to the crotch.

This particular afternoon, my friend had come to visit and it wasn’t long before we were on topic.

As we talked about our little fantasy our hands started to wonder gently over each others bodies.

It was slightly different this time. It was like each time we had gone away we wished we had gone further and after the last few days we had reached the “fuck it” stage.

I had my hand on the inside of her thigh and was gently stroking working my way up to her crotch over her clothes.

My heart was going and the adrenaline was unreal. Moving closer and closer over her clothes. Watching her reaction to see if I had gone too far.

I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. She was doing the same to me but she was a little more forward. She had one hand right at the top of my thigh with the edge of her hand resting on my crotch over my jeans. The other hand was gently stroking my breast just enough for me to feel it.

Every time the hand on my thigh moved it was moving my knickers under my jeans and every time they came back into contact with my skin I could feel how wet they were as the cool wet material touched me.

We continued like this for what seemed like forever but I imagine that it only lasted a few minutes.

By now I was horny like never before and I could tell that she was too from her expressions and the sounds she was making.

I changed the placing of my hand, that was by now in the same position has hers, right at the top of her inside thigh with the edge of my hand rubbing up against her crotch and positioned it so that my entire hand was now cupping her pussy.

Instantly she did the same and it took my breath. Almost shaking with the adrenaline surge I asked her “Are you OK with this?”

She replied “Yeah, don’t stop!”

With the worst possible timing there was a knock at the door. I didn’t have any choice but to answer because the cars were outside.

We quickly composed ourselves and I went to answer the door. It was one of the kids on the street had kicked the ball into the back garden.

I went through the kitchen into the back and threw the ball for the kids. Closed the back door.

We were both stood in the kitchen as she had followed me when I’d gone to open the back door.

Cheekily I asked “Where were we?”

She grinned and said “I’m not sure maybe you could remind me”

With a naughty smile on my face I walked over to her. She was leaning on the side with her legs slightly apart.

I said to her “I was about to ask if I could have a taste of your boobies.”

She smiled and said “That’s very naughty”

I just replied with “It is but I can’t wait to taste”

While we were teasing each with naughty small talk our hands had already started to wonder up each others tops and Bras.

This was the first time I had ever felt another womans breast in my life. Hers were quite a bit bigger than mine. Her nipples were hard and skin so soft compared to a mans.

I was so wet and at this point my pussy was screaming out to be touched. I wasn’t sure I had ever felt so horny in my life before.

The time for being coy had gone and lifted her top and placed her hard nipple in my mouth.

Sucking and playing with her nipple with my tongue was driving us both crazy.

This was literally the first time I had done this. I had no idea if I was doing it right. All I had to go off was the way she responded. Moaning gently and pressing her breast up against my face with more and more pressure.

She positioned her hand over my crotch and rubbing me the best she could over my jeans. She was having to put a lot of pressure to get through my clothing and I was trying to help by parting my legs and allowing easier access.

She moved my face away from my breast, lifted my top and wrapped her lips around my nipple. It felt amazing and on top of all the adrenaline and excitement just sent surges of pleasure through my body.

She was wearing jogging bottoms and I was extremely excited so I decided to just go for it. I slid my hand down her ‘easy access’ jogging pants and inside her knickers.

I found her soaking wet shaved pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet she was and how slippery and how smooth. I could feel myself gushing at this point with the excitement.

As I worked my fingers exploring my first woman, she was starting to thrust with the movement of my hand.

She pulled away slightly and tried to get into my pants. It was difficult because of my buttons so we moved into the living room and as we sat beside each other I undid the buttons.

No sooner had we sat down we were rubbing each others clits and kissing. Both of us exploring each other. Feeling, fingering & rubbing.

This lasted a while, both trying not to come as we didn’t want it to end just yet.

To my disappointment she slowly stopped rubbing and took her had out of my knickers with a little smile.

She said slightly out of breath “Let arrange for a night and do this properly.”

After a little of teasing between us she got up, arranged her clothes and went upstairs to use the bathroom to freshen up.

I followed her upstairs hoping that we could take it all the way but she just said “Tell your hubby what has happened so far. I don’t want to cause problems and if he’s good we will arrange a night together”

After that we carried on with our afternoon, still giggling and complimenting each other on our techniques and how I would tell hubby.

Eventually it was time for her to go. We parted with a full kiss and she said “Message me once you have told hubby and let me know what he says”


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