The girly chat

One afternoon whilst the kids were at school, a close friend of mine came round for coffee and a chat.

A couple times a week we would spend time at each others houses, keeping each other company. We would catch up on gossip and the usual girly talk that us girls like to talk about.

It wasn’t unusual for us to talk about our sex lives, I think she liked hearing about what me and the husband was getting up to.

She was going through a bit of a rough patch at the time and would often tell me how her sex life wasn’t great so I think she like hearing my stories.

She would probe for more information and ask questions when we got talking and it would usually end up being a very naughty conversion.

This time is was a little different, as me had the hubby had had the conversation about playing with another girl. I wasn’t long before that little topic was brought up.

I said quite sheepishly “I told Mr that I fancied sleeping with another woman!”.

To my surprise she replied with “You should do it, I did it and I wish it had gone further”.

I was a little shocked to hear this. She really didn’t seem the type of girl that would be that adventurous.

She went on to tell me about her experience with a close friend of hers.

“It had all started with a sleepover at a friends house.” 

“We were chatting about boys, normal girl things and eventually the tone lowered and got onto sex, as it always seems to with me” she laughed.

“The conversation was getting hot and she was was getting a little turned on by the conversation, We got onto where we liked to be touched and how we pleasured ourselves.”

“Even with little over the pants demonstrations to show how we got ourselves off.”

By this point in her story I was getting a little excited downstairs myself but I just wanted to continue telling me about her naughty night.

“Eventually, my friend asked if she could try her technique on me”

“I was a little hesitant but by the point I was so horny that I just went with it.”

“She put her hand down my pants and began to rub me gently under my knickers”

“I laid there enjoying what she was doing to me trying my best at this point to hold back the orgasm”

“I got a little braver and I put my hand down her pants and had began to return the favor.”

“She was shaved and very smooth and as my fingers probed I could feel how wet she was.”

“I could feel myself literally dripping at this point” said in a cheeky voice.

“It wasn’t long before we both came .”

I was fascinated by her story and by this point I was more than a little excited and I was starting to get ideas of my own.

I asked her if she would do it again. Without any hesitation she said “yes”.

My adrenaline was building up inside me but I managed to pluck up the courage to ask her if she would like to do it with me.

My hear started to pound as she replied “yes” with a shy but naughty grin on her face, maybe a little embarrassed.

After that we relaxed a little and began to talk about the things that turn us on about girls and what we would like to try. It continued into some very naughty messages.

I was wet from the messages and nearly went over the edge when she told me she’d to change her knickers because she has got so wet.

I told Mr everything when he got home. As you could probably imagine, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  Needless to say we both ended the night on a very high note!

This really was the beginning of what would be an amazing experience for a strong loving couple who love to share and enjoy their fantasies together.



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