Mrs reveals a fantasy.

We had always considered ourselves adventurous in the bedroom. We had tried all the usual kinds of things such as all the positions, in the car, outdoors, dressing up and even some of the more adventurous  things. I don’t think either of us would have thought we would have ended up having the same fantasy of swinging.

This all began innocently enough with a conversation that that took place one night.

Every now and again we would watch some naughty entertainment together while teasing each other to the point we couldn’t  take it no longer.

This particular night I decided to pick something to watch so I found some naughty girlies and started to get comfy while my Mr was getting ready.

When he came into the room he glanced over to see what I picked.

Noticing that I had picked girls he said “You don’t have to pick that for me you know,  pick something for you”

We had never really talked about it before but I actually liked watching girls in the bedroom. You can imagine his face when I told him.

“Would you like to try it?” He asked curiously.

I told him honestly that I had never really thought about it that way but if we found the right girl then yeah why not.

That night during our fun we were teasing each other with our new little fantasy. Winding each other  at the thought of me having fun with a girl. I was teasing him about the possibility of a threesome although at that point I wasn’t sure if I would want my hubby playing with another woman.

Caught up in the moment though we carried on and it was hot, resulting in a very hot and steamy session.

After we were done and ready to settle down for the night we laid there in each other’s arms and talked about girls we liked and why.

It was a little surreal to be talking to my hubby about girls I liked and even more strange talking to him about girls he liked.

Over the next few weeks we would have more session like that and more conversations around if we would really do it.

A few weeks  later the opportunity came up for me to enjoy my girl on girl fun!!


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